Why do I meditate?

Written by Madalina Voiculet

I decided to write an article about my experience around meditation. We all know it is good to meditate but we don’t know why or we don’t see the benefits of meditating. As every good thing, it takes time until we see the results of consistent meditation practice and we tend to give up before we can actually feel them.

Meditation can be challenging, at least at the beginning. It definitely was for me. I couldn’t find the right time during the day or it felt too long. I couldn’t stop my mind to wonder around or I couldn’t sit still. I always found more important things to do when the time came for meditation. I suppose I am not the only one that experience this.

So, around three months ago, I decided to meditate in the morning, just before getting out of bed. Instead of scrolling Instagram or jumping into emails, I found a comfortable seated position ( so that  I don’t fall back to sleep) and with the help of an app, I started to meditate for 10 minutes. My favorite type of meditation is the mindfulness one as it is quite simple to follow and it brings a lot of awareness on the body, on the breath an on the mind. I will tell you a little bit later about it.

Was it easy at the beginning? NO. I couldn’t stop wondering during the meditation about my emails or thinking about my next tasks that I need to do. It felt that I am losing time. Of course that was not true as before starting my meditation practice, I was scrolling Instagram posts.

However, with practice and perseverance, this became my morning routine. Every morning, I took my phone and my headsets and I put on my meditation. After couple of weeks I have started to notice that my jaw is more relaxed during the day, no matter what challenges I am facing. It also helped me with my anxiety of performing and finishing tasks.

I am working in a multinational company when I am not teaching yoga. Or better said, when I am not working in the office, I am teaching yoga. Performing in a big corporation and as well finding time to follow my passions is of course challenging. However, I love the mix between the two as it keeps me grounded and connected… once I learned how to manage it.  Guess what? Meditation played a big role here too. I learned to be present and handled one thing at a time. This helped me with my managerial skills too as my patience improved. I am more understanding and I am there for my team, no matter the challenges they are facing. Before meditation, I was getting anxious of having tough conversations. I have learned that this is part of being a good leader and communication is the key to build trust. I am more successful at work and my performance improved.

That being said, meditation is not helping only you, but as well the people around you. As I was more present and calmer, I interact in a different way with the people around me. I learn to listen more instead of focusing on my answer. I am more loving and carrying. I am not attached to what I think it is right, but I am active listening to the people around and open for a new idea. Therefore my relationships are more harmonious.

I don’t know if you are facing chronical headaches but I was one of those persons that if I got a headache, it was with me for couple of days and it didn’t matter how many pills I took, it didn’t get better. Through meditation, as I learned to distress, which helped with my overall sleep and wellbeing during the day, my headaches are not as often as they used to be and also not that long.

I am not saying that it will have the same effect on you. We are all different. Your experience might be completely different than mine. You might find meditation the right thing to do every day or you might struggle. But trust me on this one: with consistency it will become part of your routine.

My morning meditation

    • Find a comfortable seated position with your eyes open. Notice the space around you without starring. Get yourself familiar with your position and the surroundings.
    • Close your eyes and acknowledge your weight and the distribution of your weight. Let your arms rest in your lap or knees.
    • Notice sounds around you. Notice your body and sensations in your body. Notice how you feel – without identifying yourself with your feelings, just observe if you are happy, sad, content, anxious, etc.
    • Start noticing your breath – the quality of your breath, the depth of your breath. Notice where you feel the breath in your body
    • Ask yourself why do you meditate? What would you like to achieve? What is your motivation? Maybe better focus at work, taking one task after another, being calmer and more present, etc – whatever it is there for you today. It might change from one day to another so be truthful to yourself and evaluate this every day.
    • Ask yourself who will benefit from your meditation. The relationships that you nourish during the day – family, colleagues, friends, etc.
    • Start focusing on your breath – count your breaths to 10 – inhale 1, exhale 2 and continue like this. This will help to keep focus on the breath and keep the mind focus on the breath. If it drifts away, no worry. Go back to your counting. Focus as well on the space between the inhale and the exhale and the other way around. Continue like this for couple of minutes or for as long as it feels good for you.
    • Allow your mind to do whatever it wants. If it wants to wonder, do so. If it wants to be still, do so. Enjoy this freedom, allow the mind to be free.
    • Slowly, start acknowledging the sounds around you, your presence, your weight. Notice how you feel right now and how your body is feeling.
    • Start opening your eyes and before jumping into your day name three things that you are grateful for.

Let me know how it goes for you! Here it is a video with my guided mindful meditation.

Remember: consistency is the key 😊

Have a lovely day,


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