This is all an invitation.

This is an invitation to listen within and find your longing. We will provide you tools and techniques that will help you connect with your physical body, notice the fluctuations of the mind and understand the power of your breath.

Our day to day choices in life and business are opportunities to craft the life of our dreams. Learn to slow down and check in with yourself if the path you chose is the one you really want to move towards. Close the eyes and notice feelings in your body. Practice self-inquiry – is an ancient practice found in every spiritual tradition. We will share some techniques that will help you let go of the illusion of who you are and free yourself.

And last by not least, we are here together. We learn, we experiment, we evolve and we move forward.


Meditation helps you release stress, become more balanced and focused. There are different type of meditations that we will explore together.


We offer different type of yoga classes, from strong vinyasa flows to yoga nidra and restorative. Take the quizz to find out which one is the right onr for you.


We will provide you tools to connect with inner self so that you can advance in your personal growth and self development.